Smart glass technology has been in existence for many years. But, like all sophisticated and innovative technologies, its initial iterations were expensive and general market awareness was low. The technology has changed from where it was originally gas in between two glass panels and now it is a PDLC film that is laminated in between two pieces of glass or the smart film can be applied to existing glass or any transparent surface.

Recently, raw materials have become more accessible, decreasing prices, and growing demand rapidly. With a background in electrical work and visual design, Opaque™ was created to offer best-in class service to clients ranging from residences and hospitality, to commercial and government institutions.

Opaque™ is a full-service company working with people from all over the world, specializing in the technology and installation of premium switchable smart glass and smart film. At Opaque™ we take great pride in our craft and aim to please daily!

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